Evelyne Kramer

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Evelyne Kramer is Freelance Art Director, Concept & Graphic Designer

Hoogstraat 36a
3011 PR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 616 60 47 12

IABR, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Visual Identity - Stout/Kramer

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DKC, (Municipal Service for Art and Culture), Rotterdam, Visual Identity - Stout/Kramer

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How Print Design is the Future of Interaction →

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There are three areas that I covered in the talk. First, how the visual language of UI has evolved and been shaped in to what we find in the interfaces we are familiar with today. Second, I’ll discuss why I think a new approach to the visual design of interfaces, influenced by Print Design, is emerging and necessary. And finally, why I think Print Design is an important influence to the next evolution of UI, and what we (as UI and Interaction Designers) can learn from the discipline of Print.

When I talk about “Print” here, I’m not interested in the literal transfer of printed media on to screen, like we see in some applications which try to recreate the exact textures and layouts of newspapers, for example. What’s interesting for me is the broader practice of designing for print over the last few hundred years, and the resulting principles of design and information communication which they’ve refined. It’s those fundamental principles of Design which I think have a huge amount of relevance and are important to Interaction and UI Design.

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